Canada's NDP


May 2nd, 2024

NDP secures more protections for workers

OTTAWA— On Thursday, Canada’s New Democrats made major improvements to the new anti-scab legislation. The law makes it harder for employers to use replacement workers in federally-regulated work places during labour disputes and gives workers more power to fight for better wages and conditions on the job.

The NDP succeeded in speeding up the implementation of the law from 18 months to 12 months so that workers are protected sooner. They also ensured that employees from another workplace, volunteers and students cannot be used as replacement workers to undermine bargaining rights.

“Canadian workers will have more power to get higher pay, and they’re getting it sooner, because New Democrats never gave up the fight,” said NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice. “We know what workers are up against. The big bosses and wealthy CEOs are making more money than ever before while hardworking people fall further and further behind. New Democrats will always stand with working people. We’re making Ottawa work for you and your family—not for the ultra-rich and powerful.”

Nine anti-scab bills have been introduced by the New Democrats over the past 15 years. In 2016, when NDP anti-scab legislation finally came to a vote, 140 Liberals and 76 Conservatives voted to block it.

Scabs prolong strikes and lockouts and give employers almost no incentive to reach a fair deal — and both Liberals and Conservatives refused to ban replacement workers during labour disputes for years.

“Workers from coast-to-coast-to-coast can rest assured they have a voice in Ottawa with the NDP,” said NDP Critic for Labour Matthew Green. “Pierre Poilievre wants to pretend he cares about working people but you’ll never, ever see him at a picket line and he’s done nothing to give workers more power. In fact, Poilievre wants to cut every bit of support working people count on—that includes the EI people need and a pension so you can retire with dignity. New Democrats aren’t going to let his party—filled with corporate insiders—hurt workers in Canada. We’ve got your back.”