Canada's NDP


April 15th, 2024

NDP uses its power to pass the Sustainable Jobs Act at third reading

In reaction to the Sustainable Jobs Act passing third reading, NDP critic for Jobs and Just Transition Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay) made the following statement:

“After months of pressure from the NDP, energy workers are one step closer to having a seat at the table to ensure good-paying union jobs as the world transitions to clean energy. Despite Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives trying to block this bill, New Democrats fought hard to make sure no worker is left behind. The passage of this bill through the House of Commons means more support and more respect to energy workers instead of Big Oil and their lobbyists.

As the climate emergency escalates, the NDP has taken the lead in pushing the Liberals to equip and support workers for the challenges ahead. Numerous environmental groups and watchdogs have criticized the government for its lack of a plan for energy workers, and it was New Democrats who forced the government to act. The voices of energy workers must be heard, and their future should not be dictated by Big Oil CEOs who are more concerned with their profits than their workforce.

It’s shameful the amount of time and resources Pierre Poilievre and his Conservatives put into blocking this bill. They’re more interested in standing with ultra-rich CEOs instead of energy workers and aren’t serious about protecting their future. These energy workers have families and children who depend on them, and the Conservatives have shown time and time again that they’re more than happy to leave them and their families to fend for themselves.

New Democrats will always keep fighting for workers, for their future, and to make sure they’re at the table. The Sustainable Jobs Act is the first step, and we’ll keep pushing for energy workers to have the respect they deserve.”