Canada's NDP


April 12th, 2024

NDP: We can tackle the climate crisis and make life more affordable for Canadians

Canada's NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement on the consumer carbon price:

“New Democrats have not changed our position on the consumer carbon price. What we have done is commit to building a climate plan to make big polluters pay, bring down costs for Canadians, meet our emissions targets and ⁠unify people in taking on the climate crisis. Despite being in power for nine years, the Liberal government has failed to do this.

The divisive and cynical approach of the Liberal government has taken has pitted some regions of the country against others. The Liberals have offered a carbon price carve out for regions where they need to save their seats. They continue to provide billions of dollars to oil and gas companies while telling hardworking people there is no more money to help them buy heat pumps that will lower emissions and home heating costs. They have missed every climate target and are not on track to meet their 2030 commitments.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives want to pretend the climate crisis isn’t real. With threats of a record forest fire season looming, we can't afford the do-nothing approach of the Conservatives. Pierre Poilievre wants to tell Canadians they can't afford to fight the climate crisis, when the truth is it's working people who lose the most when extreme weather destroys their communities.

Everyone loses if working people are forced to bear the cost of fighting the climate crisis alone instead of the biggest polluters being held accountable.

New Democrats are looking at ways to make life more affordable for people and fight the climate crisis with the urgency required.”